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EYES: Brown             HAIR: Brown           HEIGHT: 5'7"           WEIGHT: 160lb
Narrative Biography
Louie began his show business career after studying acting at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He is originally from Cape Town, South Africa where he grew up with a dream to make movies in America.

While in Chicago, Louie performed in a handful of television commercials, on stage in the critically acclaimed "Catbox Cabaret", then in the Bailiwick Theatre's production of Margaret Atwood's "Rape Fantasies" - as a rapist with a head cold, and also as the lead singer and MC on the Spirit of Chicago cruise line.

Amongst other productions, he has appeared in the South African premiere of "Forever Plaid" as Jinx, "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" as Joseph, as Don in Athol Fugard's "People Are Living There", "The Sound of Music"as Rolf and "Godspell" as John the Baptist and Judas. Before leaving Africa, he wrote, produced & directed a highly successful musical review called "2 1/2 Tenors", starring himself and one very large opera singer.

Recently, Louie has appeared in several independent feature films including "Horrors of War", "The Courier", "Wicked Business", "Space Walker", and as Nigel in "Death4Told" starring Margot Kidder and Tom Savini. He has played leading roles in a host of local short films and worked in numerous crew capacities. Louie has directed and produced five of his own short films, “Safe House”, “The Squirrel Militia”, "Turkey Day" (which won the Audience award for Best Short film at the Wilmington DE "Hearts and Minds" film festival), "A Cold Blood" and "The Note".

Challenging points in his career so far have been 5 months of living in a youth homeless shelter in New York City, and an incident that he could never forget ... when he was performing his personal cabaret on the "Achille Lauro" cruise ship and it caught on fire and sank 3 days off the coast of Somalia! (True to his mantra of turning lemons into lemonade, he fortunately captured the entire event on video and was able to sell the footage to CNN)

High points have been finishing his first short film "Safe House", winning the Cape Times Best Actor in a Musical Award in 1989, being nominated twice for a Vita Award (the equivalent of a Tony Award in South Africa) and the birth of his son in November 2001!

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